GP or Out of Hours Doctor


If you’re in crisis or despair, it’s important to get help quickly.

Calling your GP or Out of Hours Doctor for an emergency appointment can help keep you safe and get you the urgent treatment you need.

Out of Hours services are available at night time or on the weekend.

Use the contact details on this page to find your nearest Out of Hours Doctor based on your location.

Knowing when it’s time to get urgent help can look like:

– having suicidal thoughts and plans to act on them.

– self-harming.

– experiencing intense mood swings, from highs to lows.

– experiencing an episode of psychosis: maybe you’re hearing voices or experiencing intense paranoia.

– feeling overwhelming emotional pain, worthlessness, hopelessness, rage, frustration or self-hatred.

– dramatic changes to behaviour or eating and sleeping patterns.

– inability to go about daily tasks, including eating, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, showering/bathing etc.

– displaying impulsive or reckless behaviour, or acting out aggressively.

– withdrawing from social situations and increased feelings of social isolation.

Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

North and West Belfast
Telephone: 028 9074 4447
Textphone: 18001 028 9074 4447

South and East Belfast
Telephone: 028 9079 6220
Textphone: 18001 028 9079 6220

South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

Ards and North Down

Telephone: 028 9182 2344
Textphone: 18001 028 9182 2344

Lisburn & Downpatrick

Telephone: 028 9260 2204
Textphone: 18001 028 9260 2204

Dalriada Urgent Care

Newtownabbey council areas

Telephone: 028 25 66 3500
Textphone: 18001 028 2566 3500

Southern Health & Social Care Trust

Armagh and Dungannon
Craigavon and Banbridge
Newry and Mourne

Telephone: 028 3839 9201
Textphone: 18001 028 3839 9201
HSC Trust Map

Do you need immediate urgent care?

If you or someone else are at immediate risk of harm before an emergency doctors appointment, visit: