Who is the Find Help NI Team?

Find Help NI was founded by Cara & Pamela, who together have decades of experience specialising in mental health within the community, voluntary and statutory sectors.
Photograph of Cara Swanston

Cara Swanston


Cara worked in finance and financial management for 10 years, predominantly in the charitable sector. Feeling unfulfilled in her work life, she went on to become a counsellor. Bringing together her financial management skills and her new skills working with complex mental health issues, it felt like a natural progression to start up a charitable organisation.
“Sometimes people hesitate in talking about their mental health or getting help because they’re scared of what people will think. We hope Find Help NI will make people realise they’re not alone.”
Photograph of Pamela Kirkpatrick

Pamela Kirkpatrick


Having worked in mental health with children, young people and families for many years, Pamela is aware of the frustration when it comes to finding straight talking self-help advice and local support. As a therapist and a coach in the community and voluntary sector, she’s able to devise the kind of content that provides people support when they need it most.
“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t suffer in silence. In times of uncertainty and change, prioritising our wellbeing and talking about mental health is so important.”
As front-line workers, they watched as digital technology became the first port of call for support, information and education, but they quickly learned that online resources were often unhelpful, and in some cases, harmful.
They regularly heard people say there’s no help or support in their local area and they knew this to be untrue. Realising how many people don’t know about the amazing community and voluntary services available, Find Help NI was created to bridge the gap.
Find Help NI’s mission is to join the dots in creating bigger, better mental health and wellbeing support for everyone. This website brings together a directory of support services, useful self-care advice, practical tips, trustworthy emergency care guidance and real-life stories of mental health experiences.

Find Help NI needs YOU!

Find Help NI believes in the power of sharing personal stories and we want to hear where people are and where they’ve come from when it comes to their mental health. In a world which can feel overwhelming, challenging and sometimes difficult to navigate, reading and sharing lived experiences can help us feel less alone.

If you have a story to tell or guidance to give as a professional, join the conversation in making mental health a topic we can talk about together.

If you’re a Northern Ireland based mental health or wellbeing organisation, get in touch to get featured on our directory. There is no fee for services which are offered through funded or subsidised initiatives.

Meet REST OF the Team


WEB Designer

Eva-Rose is all about providing creative design interventions that make a real social impact. Therefore Eva leapt at the chance to get involved in this exciting project, confident that she could deliver an accessible online space that is easy to navigate, enjoyable to spend time in and meets the needs of our users. She makes sure our website cogs are spinning and that everything is working as it should. If you experience any difficulties with the website please do contact her.
Photogrpah of Rachel Cooley


Project Administration

Rachel is the Project Administrator. She has over 10 years working in admin and events in the voluntary and community sector . Rachel loves watching sports, especially rugby and cycling (yes cycling really!) and of course her beloved Marge, the cat she adopted years ago.



I am a qualified Life Coach and I’ve also worked as wellbeing Facilitator and Personal Development Trainer. I often found people say that they do not know where to get help. I was delighted to accept the role of Community Connector for Find Help NI as I was passionate about their ethos of helping people find the right help at the right time.

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