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PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide is the UK charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing

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At DART we pride ourselves on making our communities mobile and promise you the very best travel experience for individuals and groups. Down Armagh Rural

Women’s Centre Derry

We are a safe and welcoming space for women and women’s organisations in the North West, to enable learning, to fulfil community potential, to make

Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting people with any level of dual sensory loss. We are working to provide the services

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Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum (BBHF) is a Healthy Living Centre based in Derry but serving individuals from across the North of Ireland. It was


A recovery focused charity. We provide evidence-based information, advice and support to those affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and their loved ones. OCD-UK is the charity

Feed A Family of 5 For a week for Under £25

Francessca Ainsworth, Well-being Facilitator

With the cost of living crisis being on everyone’s minds I was interested to find some solutions for those weeks where money is extra tight for an out-reach group I facilitate. In researching I tried some of the Asda Essentials Range myself and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and price. With that in mind I set to working out a meal plan for families that may be struggling to make ends meet.

I’ve come up with a simple low cost meal plan for a family of 5. We based it on a food shop at ASDA using mostly essentials range of food items. Asda have also launched an ‘Asda Rewards’ app which allows you to build up regards on your app which you can exchange for money off vouchers to spend during future shops. They offer a free next day click and collect service too!

1 Week of Meals for a Family of 5  

Under a fiver – Breakfast Meal Plan

Monday: Hot chocolate porridge with banana.  

Tuesday: Scrambled egg and toast. 

Wednesday: Weetabix with Banana.  

Thursday: Boiled egg and toast.

Friday: Pancakes with Banana.  

Saturday: Fried egg on toast. 

Sunday: Pancakes with strawberry jam. 

Under a Fiver – Lunch Meal plan

Monday: Ham and cheese wrap, fruit, crisps and yoghurt. 

Tuesday: Chicken sandwich, fruit and cereal bar. 

Wednesday: Cheese and ham toastie, fruit and yoghurt. 

Thursday: Cheese and ham sandwich, fruit and chocolate wafer. 

Friday: Chicken toasted wrap, fruit and crisps. 

Saturday: Omelette with cheese and ham. 

Sunday: Sausage sandwich. 

Under a Tenner – Dinner Meal Plan

Monday: Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic bread and vegetables.  

Tuesday: Fishcakes, mashed potatoes and vegetables. 

Wednesday: Vegetable pasta bake. 

Thursday: Sausage, mashed potatoes and beans. 

Friday: Fish cakes and vegetable rice. 

Saturday: Omelettes with cheese, ham and veggies. 

Sunday: Sausage, mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy. 

Snack ideas

Hot chocolate 

Chocolate nests

Ice cream sundae 

Fairy cakes 

Banana bread 

Crepe with chocolate and ice cream   

Your ASDA Shopping list


ASDA Just essentials Strawberry Jam 34p

ASDA Plain Flour 58p

ASDA Just essentials long life milk 69p

ASDA Just essentials soft spread 83p

ASDA Just essentials bread 39p 

ASDA Just essentials 15 eggs £1.30

ASDA Just essentials wheat bicks 77p 

ASDA Just essentials Porridge oats 70p 

ASDA Just essentials Hot chocolate powder £1.02 

Price: £4.90


ASDA Just essentials Bananas £1.00

ASDA Wraps 80p

ASDA Just essentials ham 64p 

ASDA Just essentials cheese slices 55p

ASDA Just essentials Crisps 82p x 2 

ASDA Just essentials chicken roll £1.20

ASDA Just essentials caramel wafers 55p x 2

ASDA Just essentials yoghourt 69p 

ASDA Chocolate muesli bars 67p

Price: £8.29


ASDA Just essentials spaghetti 23p

ASDA Just essentials sausages £1.21 for 20 

ASDA Just essentials Beef mince £1.79

ASDA Just essentials Bolognese sauce 30p 

ASDA Just essentials Cod Fishcakes £1.10 for 10

ASDA Just essentials Rice 41p

ASDA Just essentials Curry sauce 28p 

ASDA Mixed herbs 30p 

ASDA Frozen mash £1.00

ASDA Just essentials Garlic bread 30p 

ASDA Just essentials Veg mix 72p 

ASDA Just essentials Beans 20p 

ASDA Just essentials Gravy 60p 

Price: £8.44


ASDA just essentials Vanilla ice cream £1.00

ASDA Just essentials chocolate 33p

ASDA Just essentials Fun mix sweets 25p

Hot chocolate £1.02

Price: £1.58  


 Total Price – £ 24.93

Resources and apps

Zero waste freecycle: 

A Facebook page to save items from landfill. Items are posted for free for members to collect. People can also request items they are in need of such as furniture, clothing, toys and books. Find out more…

Money saving expert:

A Facebook page and website ran by Martin Lewis that shares money saving tips. Find out more…

Too good to go:

An App that aims to reduce waste at low cost for the user. You can collect too good to go bags from a number of local businesses who have extra food left over for a low cost. Find out more…

Asda Rewards App:

Asda have launched a rewards app which gives you rewards every time you shop – these rewards can be converted into money off vouchers to save you money on future purchases. Find out more…

Lidl Plus App:

Lidl have created an app that gives you money off vouchers on certain products each week. You also get a free item every time you shop. Find out more…

Reach out for help & support

Step Change Debt Charity

St Vincent de Paul


Dove House Meenan

Make the Call, Department for Communities

Community Advice Ards And North Down (Formerly Citizens Advice)

Kith & Kin Financial Solutions

Advice NI

Christians Against Poverty

Foodbank – Bangor

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