Mindful Colouring

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When we’re children, we’re given colouring materials and blank sheets of paper to let our imaginations run free. But as adults, colouring stops being a hobby for all. Instead, it becomes a pastime reserved only for the creatively talented – what a loss! This past-time can be as equally beneficial to our wellbeing as adults and it has nothing to do with the quality of what we create. It is a great way to lower stress levels and focus on the present. In other words, it’s an excellent way to embrace mindfulness which can help improve our mood, concentration and mental clarity.

Similar to mindfulness, colouring is a process of tuning into the moment. It lets our focus be fully immersed in the action of putting pen (or pencil) to paper.

We’ve put together some free downloadable colouring-in sheets, so you can colour your way to deeper feelings of content. Choose a template from the selection below, print it out, grab a hot drink and set some time aside to explore how great colouring can make you feel.

Fish – PDF
Peacock Mandala – PDF
Tiger – PDF
Peacock – PDF
Hummingbird – PDF

Eagle – PDF
Pattern Mandala – PDF
Butterfly – PDF
Plants – PDF
Flower Crown – PDF
Eva Swanston
Author: Eva Swanston

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