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Using EFT

Written by Rebecca Taggart

My name is Rebecca, 18, and I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because I get very overwhelmed and uncomfortable when I feel stressed or anxious. EFT was presented to me as an idea to help me relax and calm down

When I started using EFT

I have struggled to find certain coping techniques and I tried many different things, such as breathing techniques and putting plans in place for when I got very stressed or anxious, but neither worked for me. I think they were too formal and I prefer things that keep me distracted. EFT really seemed to be a lot more comforting. I was introduced to it a couple of months ago by my counsellor.  Whenever I was first introduced to it though, I was pretty sceptical of it and I thought it may look a bit odd, but I stuck with it, and I now use it all the time. 

How I use EFT

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique or tapping. It’s called this because you tap certain points in your body that help bring balance and calm you. It’s also a form of self help which means that you don’t need someone to do it with you. There are different areas you can tap that may feel more comfortable, such as the pressure point in your hand. I use the pressure point in my collar bone frequently, as it’s the most effective in making me feel calm.

How I discovered EFT

When I tried this technique I tried it with my counsellor first, then I did it at home after I was shown how to do it. I got comfortable with doing it by doing it at home when I felt stressed and anxious. You can learn how to do it by watching videos, too. A simple search of EFT on YouTube brings up lots of sources, such as a tapping tutorial by Healthy Place Mental Health.

After doing it a few times you’ll definitely get used to it. The more I do it, the more comfortable it feels. My one tip if you’re trying EF1T: don’t give up after one go.

How EFT helps me

Tapping helps to make me feel calm during times when I feel quite anxious or stressed. At the start, I struggled with tapping regularly and when I was anxious I would forget to do it. But since tapping more and more, I’ve learned how it can help bring a sense of calm when my anxiety is high.

I use EFT especially before doing things like public speaking or if I have coursework that’s worrying me. Thanks to tapping, I’m able to self soothe when I need it or when I’m having a bad day. 

Quote for EFT

You can do it very discreetly in public if you have a point that you find calms you the most. For anyone thinking of trying it out, I would say that sometimes it takes a bit of time to feel comfortable with it and really get the full experience out of it.

To anyone thinking about trying EFT: don’t knock it until you try it! You never know what might help you.

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