West Wellbeing Suicide Prevention

West Wellbeing are a suicide prevention & intervention charity operating in Belfast, providing care and support to those affected by poor mental health.   Services

West Armagh Consortium

West Armagh Consortium are an umbrella group for community based support and activities in Armagh.   Services Cultural Festivals Promotion of the Irish Language Armagh

Angel Eyes NI

Angel Eyes NI is a charity supporting blind and visually impaired children and young people throughout Northern Ireland. We are a solution focussed charity. Our

Newry SureStart

Newry SureStart aims to provide a central point for children’s services/programmes within the area, providing FREE support to families from the antenatal stage to when

What is Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service?

I’ve been affected by cancer. How can Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service help me?

The Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service can offer support around:


-Work related issues

-Practical issues

-Emotional wellbeing

We can signpost to activities such as complementary therapies, physical activity groups, support groups. We’re here to take a patient’s call to answer any question they may have or point them in the right direction of somebody who can.

Can my family or friends who are affected by cancer – either as a diagnosis or caring for a loved one – get support?

Yes, our service is available to anybody affected by cancer – so this could be family members, friends, work colleagues.

What kind of support could they receive?

They can access emotional wellbeing support through our service, all of our leaflets and booklets would be available and we can answer any questions they may have.

TEXT: We’re here to take a patient’s call to answer any question they may have or point them in the right direction of somebody who can. (Helping to describe "What is Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service?".)

If I go to your drop-in service, what can I expect?

Our drop-in service is currently suspended due to COVID but when it is back up and running, you will be able to sit down with a member of staff and ask any questions or talk about any concerns you may have.

What kind of information is available at your Information Zones?

We have a wide range of leaflets and booklets including information on:

  1. Treatment/side effects
  2. Life/travel insurance
  3. Diet/exercise
  4. Talking about cancer
  5. Fatigue
  6. Work and cancer

We also have information on local support from our partner charities.

If I want to receive the support of your services, how do I make a referral?

Anybody can call our service on 02890553246 / 02895980028 to receive further support.

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