West Wellbeing Suicide Prevention

West Wellbeing are a suicide prevention & intervention charity operating in Belfast, providing care and support to those affected by poor mental health.   Services

West Armagh Consortium

West Armagh Consortium are an umbrella group for community based support and activities in Armagh.   Services Cultural Festivals Promotion of the Irish Language Armagh

Angel Eyes NI

Angel Eyes NI is a charity supporting blind and visually impaired children and young people throughout Northern Ireland. We are a solution focussed charity. Our

Newry SureStart

Newry SureStart aims to provide a central point for children’s services/programmes within the area, providing FREE support to families from the antenatal stage to when

What is YMCA’s Support for Ethnic Minorities

How can this Support help me?

At YMCA Ethnic Minorities Support, we provide support for ethnic minorities try to help anyone who knocks on our door. It could mean practical help with benefits, housing or simply enrolment in our English classes.

In times of crisis, such as loss of work or separation, we will meet you face to face to advise on the next step. We are here to make friends or sometimes just to listen. We run social groups who meet regularly and are open to anyone! If you are a newcomer who has just arrived in the country or simply someone looking for new friends, we are here for you.

TEXT: At YMCA Ethnic Minorities Support we try to help anyone who knocks on our door. 
IMAGE: Holding hands.

We advocate on your behalf if you feel there is a language barrier. Currently we also have Polish, Russian, Latvian and Arabic speaking advisors.

Also we can assist you and your family with the EU Settlement Scheme application process.

This list is not exclusive. If we can’t help, we will signpost to different agencies who can.

What can I expect in the support process and what does your support involve?

You can expect free, professional advice from experienced advisors. All you have to do is fill

and sign a registration form which gives us permission to act on your behalf.

How long can a person receive support?

There is no time limit.

YMCA's Support for Ethnic Minorities quote: TEXT: If you are a newcomer who has just arrived in the country or simply someone looking for new friends, we are here for you. 
IMAGE: Grass and a wooden signpost.

If I wanted to sign up for support, would I have to pay?

No, our services are free of charge. We are a charity.

How do I sign up?

Get in touch via email, phone or simply pay us a visit in Bangor.

Once I sign up, how soon after will I receive support? Are there any waitlists?

We will be in touch as soon as we receive your details. We are busy, but there are no

waiting times.

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